David Ross Education Trust

Broadening Horizons

DRET and School Direct

Over the last few years we have seen continual change, evolution and review in the education sector.

These extend beyond what and how our students learn. How we train and engage our up-and-coming teachers have also seen some seismic changes.

The shift from university-led to school-based teacher education continues. The number of School Direct places, a school-led training programme, for example, has risen by 15% for the 2015/16 academic year while university places have remained constant.

On the face of it, you can see what the appeal of School Direct is. As Louise Tickle wrote in The Guardian;

“Given lower fees, less onerous written work and the attraction of being able to choose – or at least apply to – the specific schools where they hope to train, it is easy to see why prospective trainees might choose the School Direct route.”

But for a Trust like ourselves, committed to finding, engaging and training the best young teachers in the country, more School Direct places means more competition to attract the strongest graduates.

In sporting terms, the ball is in their court.

So, I make no apologies for highlighting what I think we can offer as a Trust.

- Wide choice of academy locations – both primary and secondary

Different teachers respond to different settings. With a larger number of academies across diverse communities and at various points on their journey to outstanding, we can help future teachers find where their strengths lie.

- Personal development

Through DRET, School Direct recruits have the possible opportunity of going on Outward Bound residentials to places as far away as Canada. Travel to schools abroad is facilitated to help broaden our recruits understanding and expertise.

- Extensive CPD – both internal and external

Through our Teaching School Alliance we can offer an impressive range of courses to take trainees from their first lesson to strategic leadership positions in the Trust.

-  Employment prospects

With other 30 academies we have the scope to offer a range of employment prospects once an individual has successfully graduated.

We are not just looking for graduates, but people who really believe in what DRET stands for.

For the right candidates we have the flexibility and size to develop career opportunities in the Trust to meet your specific career goals and objectives.

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