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Broadening Horizons

Sport - a distraction or improving the heartbeat of education?

We have seen some great examples of sporting excellence recently within the academies of the Trust  - both in terms of talent and attitude. The Winter Cup was an outstanding success, our All-Star squad has met for the first time this academic year and a host of sporting stars from Lawrence Dallagio to Goldie Sayers have been visiting our academies.

This makes me think about the importance of participation in sport for our students.

Everyone at the DRET Winter Cup enjoyed the day enormously and it was clear that the camaraderie and competition inspired all involved. There are still some who might say that sport is just a distraction from the classroom though, so how can we show them just how beneficial it is?

The aim of the Trust is not just to produce high academic achievers but young people that are confident and able to fulfill their potential in whatever areas they excel. We can help do this by encouraging students to get involved in sport. It will keep them physically healthy, build self-esteem and promote a positive mental attitude and additional knock-on benefits include lifting achievement within the classroom and providing training in life skills such as co-operation and teamwork.

In the competitive world of the 21st century it has never been more important to develop these benefits and I believe students should have access to sport at all levels. As a Trust we will continue to focus on supporting a wide range of sporting opportunities and ensuring as many young people as possible can access them.